Little Creek Labradors

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • When can I take my puppy home?

  • Are the parents AKC registered?

  • Do i have to AKC register my puppy?

  • Can i register my puppy online?

  • Where can i find a veterinarian?

  • What food do you feed your puppies?

  • What is the price per puppy?

  • Do you offer delivery service?


  • At 8 Weeks

  • Yes

  • It is not required. However, the paperwork can be provided.

  • Yes, puppies can be registered here

  • We believe that choosing a veterinarian is a personal choice. Click here for more information on choosing the right veterinarian for you.

  • We feed our puppies Purina ONE SmartBlend. Click hereto get your own.

  • Current pricing is $1,000 for AKC registered puppies. $800 for non-AKC registered puppies.

  • Delivery is offered, pricing starts at $250. Please contact for more information.