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Here at Little Creek Labs, we take pride in our Labradors as dedicated working dogs. My name is Brent Wiggs and I've been around Labradors for many years and have always admired their hunting desire and easy trainability. All of my dogs are a part of the family, and the joy that they bring are beyond words to me and my three children...Grant, Lydia, and Mary Elizabeth.  I personally acquired my first Lab in 2005. That is when my journey with Labradors started and has only grown over the years.

I fell in love with the Labrador breed and I believe that Labs are the ultimate dog. They will work hard on the water/field for you all day, and lay down beside you in the evening. We love Labradors for their friendly companionship and loyalty. That's why I only breed the best dogs possible for temperament, amazing retrieving desire, and an eagerness to please. As I said, I have 3 children, so our puppies are socialized beyond belief. All of our puppies are born in our home and receive lots of attention. When we feel they're old enough, they're also introduced to the water and the elements of living the country life.
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Our home

Our home

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